Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New York Fashion Week, brrrr

RTW J Crew and Tory Burch February 2014

I love NY Fashion week.  On an icy cold night, it is so enjoyable to be able to sit and peruse the pictures from the runway shows, while I sip a piping hot cup of tea. 
 The reviews aren't posted yet on STYLE.com, but here are some of my favorite picks from Tory Burch and JCrew.

Plain and simple American style with a flair.  I think that has been harder to find from J Crew for a while as they have been trying to meld their mall presence with their couture aspirations.  I think this coat is a great reminder of why I am still a fan.  Stylish, and wearable. 
from Style.com RTW FW 2014 J CREW

I am not as big a fan of the crochet intarsia, especially when there are so many better knitted iterations, but I do really like the more sophisticated floral print of the skirt, and the neutral colorway.


And, on the opposing end of the spectrum from plain, is a signature high-low look: a chunky outdoorsy top shown with glittery pants.  I could easily walk by them, but they are in my favorite metallic, a beautiful bronze. I particularly love it with the deep blue. Now, where could I wear those pants?  WMM, I am sure you will have an answer for me!
JCrew at Style.com
Now, some favorites from Tory Burch...
I love everything about this.  I know those pants are an unwearable length, but the proportions are fabulous on the model.  Maybe if the print came in a skirt....

The side chain detail on this Tory Burch outfit was also prevalent at Victoria Beckham.  I just noticed that my 2 picks from TB are neutral, and I think that her color schemes are always perfect for a fair skinned blonde- which Tory herself is, and are not quite as appealing for someone with my dark hair and green eyes.

The chain is an embellishment on every thing from dresses to coats at Victoria Beckham.  I love the idea, but I am sure that there is a dangling, jangling, hard to dry clean reality . Did anything catch your eyes from the runway shows? So much to process this week sartorially speaking, from the awesome Norwegian Curling team outfits to NY Fashion week.  Now, if we don't lose power for our next predicted snow day(Thursday) I might be able to catch up!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The long and the short of it- or- it might not be better next year...

Tory Burch Resort 2014
Too much time has elapsed since my last post, partially  because of some wonderful but time consuming work deadlines, but also because I really haven't been shopping much lately. Odd, because I LOVE spring/ summer clothing.  Nothing is really calling out to me. By and large things seem so teeny, so short, so bright, so synthetic and so pricey at most of my favorite retailers this season.   Even Brooks Brothers has succumbed to the call of the short, short dress.
Sleeveless Sailing Dress
I am sure that I am older than the demographic they are courting, but surely even the really young need to sit down sometimes.

From the Daddy Likey blog"Here's a classic "For the love of God, hold down that hem!" moment:

I peeked in the mall  the other day and started smiling because the dresses and high hems reminded me of a funny(but probably NSFW) feature about too short skirts on a blog that I used to read. Daddy Likey  was voted as one of the most influential design blogs  a few years ago.  I don't think Winona is still blogging, but this link still works.  I wonder if Winona knew she was forecasting a trend!

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2014

 A quick glance at the Resort 2014 collections shows that the short skirt trend is still going to be strong for next year, although there were some quite long skirts for contrast.

http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2014RST-MILLY/#13Milly Resort 2014

I asked a trusted SA at one of my local J Crew stores about a particularly scandalously high hem on an otherwise great dress.  Her response- "I liked it too, but I am not supposed to wear it to work because it is too short."  Yes- that says it all.

JCrew Swoop Dress in Thistle Print

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tory Burch Sale

Tory Burch just announced a wonderful Spring Sale.  I think she has pretty, ladylike pieces. These are a few of my favorite picks.

Clayton Top

 I love the timeless elegance of the Clayton Top.

Kayla Dress

The Kayla Dress looks like such a simple way to dress for work- and it is a luscious silk jersey!

Carson Tee

Jasmine sweater

Espadrille Stripe Belt

And wouldn't this  jacket be lovely for a night on the town?

Lola Metallic Jacket
What about you- did anything at Tory Burch catch your eye? I'd love to hear...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday

Scoopback dress
Kate Spade launched its lower price point line "Saturday" today.  The prices and design sensibility  seem similar to the other "younger sibling" lines- J Crew/ Madewell,  Banana Republic/ Gap,  Williams-Sonoma/ West Elm etc. The new line is a clothing/ accessory/ decor line- with a hint of Anthropologie.  The initial stores opened in Tokyo in March, and the online store for US customers is open now.

Reversible Cape
Perfect Day Shirt in Swiss Dot
Sneaks by PF Flyers in Abstract
Top Handle Small Satchel
I'm less sure about these.
Wide Legged Crop Pants in Stripe
Crisscross Tube Dress in Stripe
In the immortal words of Dorothy Parker- "Wear a short enough dress and the party will come to you."
I was a little surprised that I actually like some of the pieces, and the fabrics seemed nice, although by and large nothing really turned my head. I'm still not sure why Kate Spade ,which seems to be suffering through an identity crisis, ever since Kate Spade sold the company, needs a secondary line.  Some of these items almost seem more sophisticated than the pieces in the regular collection. What do you think-  does anything capture your fancy?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tory Burch Private Sale

 Tory Burch has amazing prices online until Monday the 25th... You might need to sign up for their e-mails to access this sale.

I love the motif!

Oh, I could see myself wearing...
I love two tone riding boots.
My favorite color.  I would wear this to collect an Academy Award!
If only I could walk in these...
Pretty for vacation
Great summer bag

Or maybe this one...
Love this!
I need to get back to work.  I could look all day.  Anything catch your eye?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

March Flowers favorites at J Crew

I love spring blossoms and bulbs, they are my favorites.  Quince, hyacinth, crocuses, cherry blossoms... These are a few of my favorite flowers from the March Catalog.

 I love peonies, and the color is so lovely!

I think this is so pretty, and the green is very fresh!

I am not sure about the cap, but I am curious about the jacket.

The glass petals are so fetching for spring.

Not a floral, but intriguing nonetheless.

Just perfect if you are not a pastel fan!
Anything that you are interested in? With more snow in the forecast it is nice to think ahead to days when I can actually wear something in this catalog.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Calling all Southern Belles

Up until the last couple of years, I was a lifelong non tv viewer.  I realized that my late night  work deadlines went much quicker if I had something fun to watch on my computer. I have a few tv favorites now, but I am also highly entertained by some programs in which the plot takes a backseat to the outfits such as  Sex and the City and  Lipstick Jungle.

Lipstick Jungle
Sex and the City

Intelligent east coast career women with wardrobes I could only aspire to- perfect fantasy,  yet I could relate to their choices.
Last spring I happened to have seen a few episodes of GCB.  There, I said it. Indescribable except to say that it was chock full of the most amazing outfits and pairings I had ever seen outside of a runway.  Those mythical and farcical Texas belles were toned, taut, coiffed and garbed to the nth degree.  The couture and coiffures were stratospheric-Chanel and Valentino worn every where from church to a hunting expedition. Schadenfreude, but I couldn't stop watching.

Again, I am a latecomer.  I just started watching  Hart of Dixie.

Hart Of Dixie

There are numerous sites devoted to researching the magical ensembles, especially those worn by Lemon and Annabeth.

The clothes!

One of my favorite blogs- Go Fug Yourself - written by a very cosmopolitan  duo that also writes fashion columns for NYMag devotes an entire weekly photo gallery and commentary to this wardrobe phenomenon.
(With spoilers, so tread carefully if you care about the plot!).

Lemon and Annabeth

This is the best pairing of an Anthropologie sweater and J Crew skirt I have seen- nothing like the pairings I make from the same store!  Worn On TV is a fashion finder for all of your favorite shows.

Annabeth in Anthropologie and J Crew

I can  easily identify with the clean lined, predominantly black wardrobe of transplanted northeasterner Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson, a Karl Lagerfeld favorite IRL).
But I need to know- is there really a world out there like GCB and Hart of Dixie, where ladies wear the most amazing pressed and accessorized creations on even the most mundane of days.  I need to visit, and clearly pack carefully first. Who knows.  I might end up staying.