Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Calling all Southern Belles

Up until the last couple of years, I was a lifelong non tv viewer.  I realized that my late night  work deadlines went much quicker if I had something fun to watch on my computer. I have a few tv favorites now, but I am also highly entertained by some programs in which the plot takes a backseat to the outfits such as  Sex and the City and  Lipstick Jungle.

Lipstick Jungle
Sex and the City

Intelligent east coast career women with wardrobes I could only aspire to- perfect fantasy,  yet I could relate to their choices.
Last spring I happened to have seen a few episodes of GCB.  There, I said it. Indescribable except to say that it was chock full of the most amazing outfits and pairings I had ever seen outside of a runway.  Those mythical and farcical Texas belles were toned, taut, coiffed and garbed to the nth degree.  The couture and coiffures were stratospheric-Chanel and Valentino worn every where from church to a hunting expedition. Schadenfreude, but I couldn't stop watching.

Again, I am a latecomer.  I just started watching  Hart of Dixie.

Hart Of Dixie

There are numerous sites devoted to researching the magical ensembles, especially those worn by Lemon and Annabeth.

The clothes!

One of my favorite blogs- Go Fug Yourself - written by a very cosmopolitan  duo that also writes fashion columns for NYMag devotes an entire weekly photo gallery and commentary to this wardrobe phenomenon.
(With spoilers, so tread carefully if you care about the plot!).

Lemon and Annabeth

This is the best pairing of an Anthropologie sweater and J Crew skirt I have seen- nothing like the pairings I make from the same store!  Worn On TV is a fashion finder for all of your favorite shows.

Annabeth in Anthropologie and J Crew

I can  easily identify with the clean lined, predominantly black wardrobe of transplanted northeasterner Zoe Hart (played by Rachel Bilson, a Karl Lagerfeld favorite IRL).
But I need to know- is there really a world out there like GCB and Hart of Dixie, where ladies wear the most amazing pressed and accessorized creations on even the most mundane of days.  I need to visit, and clearly pack carefully first. Who knows.  I might end up staying.


  1. Well, I won't invite you here then!!! Honestly, I have missed all of these. I have got to get my act together. I love the Anthro/JCrew pairing - that is lovely and timeless!!! Note to self: stay up late!

    1. I don't know- I've always had a Maritimes fantasy ever since my Anne of Green Gables days. You know I love sweaters. I love the unusual colors of the skirt and sweater. I watch all my tv on my computer- Free , and yyou don't have to stay up late!

  2. I never watched that but then I am usually into much more grim tales, chic flicks were never my thing... Recently, I watched all the episodes of Damages, were the Ellen's character wardrobe is also be very chic, lawyer style of course.
    Netflix is the blessing and the curse of my existence...

    1. My favorites are more dramatic, but those shows are a respite when I am working...

  3. I loved Lipstick Jungle, they were all jewellery and heels, it was such great escapism dressing.

    1. OMG- those clothes. And the alcohol. How did all the skinny ladies from SATC and Lipstick Jungle drink so much fictional alcohol?

  4. Am I the only one who watched Game of Thrones for the clothes? and of course, the accessories.

  5. Oh no- now I have to look for Game of Thrones.Clothes and accessories? My family is going to start realizing soon that I have met my work deadlines and am hiding away watching TV!

  6. I've not seen any of these shows but I can easily get addicted to tv just for the clothes.
    Right now we are watching the original Upstairs Downstairs, the clothes are great, even the maid uniforms are nice starched linen.
    How fun I will check out these sites you recommend. I wish I had a wardrobe job for a tv show!!

  7. You would be a wonderful stylist. The shows are far from highbrow, but quite amusing. I am so enthralled by the southern belle frocks and accoutrements. I would love to know if people really dress so impeccably in the south. Upstairs, Downstairs and Downtown Abbey are both on my list. I am looking forward to seeing them both.