Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Thaw and Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

It is no secret that I love flowers.
Collection Daisy Flats
 This spring, J Crew has knocked it out of the park with some fetching, feminine florals that I am finding irresistible. My personal favorite is the Libery Lodden print.  I am a fan of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, but in particular, I have always been drawn to his Lodden print.  I think that Beth Russell's adaptation of Lodden represents one of the finest interpretations in needlepoint of an art classic.Over the years I have purchased 2 copies of her books with the Lodden pattern. One day, I will make that cushion.
Lodden by Beth Russell
Last year's Brooks Brothers Tote
 The Lodden Brooks Brother's tote from last spring will always be the one that got away , in my mind.
 I hemmed and hawed because I loved the print, but really did not need another tote.  Foolish, because the colors and leather handles were incomparable.
Liberty Lodden at J Crew

J Crew is offering  the Lodden print in a gorgeous pink colorway.  I have seen it in person, and the colors are prettier than pictured.  They also have a green version of Lodden in a peasant styled bloue that I saw in store, but do not see on line.  Now, I covet the Lodden blouse, but feel that $150.00 is a steep price for a cotton Perfect shirt, because they really do not flatter me.  I am giving this a lot of thought, because I am so loyally enamored of the pattern and the colors, and I don't want it to be this years version of the one that got away. I am going to try on the other version in store today, and will let you know if it is a contender.  The green color is wonderful, and green is my favorite color, but the pink is just sublime.
Delores Tunic Tory Burch

Theory Zorina Lace Shirt

Sequined Kati Cardigan Kate Spade
There are so many floral beauties this spring, I am delighted.
My fantasy pick would be this perfect pair of shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Shelly Perforated Leather Bow Flats  Salvatore Ferragamo

But, my penchant for practicality would probably steer me closer to this...
Daisy Lace Three Quarter Sleeve Tee J Crew

Do you like floral festooned garments? Are you an ardent Liberty lover?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New year, new styles...

J Crew has new styles on display at my local store, and I am so pleased, because they are stunning.  I only had time for a quick peek, and at a glance found several items for the first time in ages that tempted me to consider "too early in the season" purchases.

 It seems as though this collection references older collections in its wearability and finer fabrication. 

There were various iterations of gorgeous Liberty prints- some in unexpected shapes, like a beautiful peasant blouse.

 I saw a great update to the circle top, in a navy cotton jersey with a guipure floral lace band- pretty and weighty.  The shoes were fab and the Tartine satchel could be  a contender in a "Celine", "Chloe" type race.

 I was hoping the catalog would have some of the pieces I favored in the store, but , as usual, it is a slightly different sampling.

  Many of the pieces are just as pretty, and the colors seem multi seasonal and flattering. 
What do you think? I am glad I still have some gift cards left from Christmas!