Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tory Burch Private Sale

 Tory Burch has amazing prices online until Monday the 25th... You might need to sign up for their e-mails to access this sale.

I love the motif!

Oh, I could see myself wearing...
I love two tone riding boots.
My favorite color.  I would wear this to collect an Academy Award!
If only I could walk in these...
Pretty for vacation
Great summer bag

Or maybe this one...
Love this!
I need to get back to work.  I could look all day.  Anything catch your eye?


  1. uh oh - is it all on sale? I am not signed up for their online stuff.

    1. WMM- Get signed up now- they always have great sales!

  2. Love this sale! There were all kinds of goodies on the site early this morning, and I was able to finally get the Aleksi Tunic that I fell in love with last year, but refused to pay full-price for. I also snatched up the striped printed terry tunic for a fantastic price which I plan to use as a swimsuit cover-up this year. There was a lot more I wanted but I have to stick to my budget so I restrained myself. How about you? Did you get anything?

    1. Good restraint. I was actually surprised by how low some of the prices were- and how big a size range they had for some of the pieces. Nothing for me today- I am being good(boo) and crossing my fingers that the fall sales are just as good. They really had some great markdowns. The Aleksi top is stunning. Enjoy it!

  3. Cherish this deal most essential women accessories! There were a wide range of treats on the site early at the beginning of today, and I could at last get the Aleksi Tunic that I went gaga for a year ago, yet declined to pay the maximum for. I additionally grabbed up the striped printed terry tunic at an incredible cost which I plan to use as a bathing suit conceal this year.