Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New York Fashion Week, brrrr

RTW J Crew and Tory Burch February 2014

I love NY Fashion week.  On an icy cold night, it is so enjoyable to be able to sit and peruse the pictures from the runway shows, while I sip a piping hot cup of tea. 
 The reviews aren't posted yet on STYLE.com, but here are some of my favorite picks from Tory Burch and JCrew.

Plain and simple American style with a flair.  I think that has been harder to find from J Crew for a while as they have been trying to meld their mall presence with their couture aspirations.  I think this coat is a great reminder of why I am still a fan.  Stylish, and wearable. 
from Style.com RTW FW 2014 J CREW

I am not as big a fan of the crochet intarsia, especially when there are so many better knitted iterations, but I do really like the more sophisticated floral print of the skirt, and the neutral colorway.


And, on the opposing end of the spectrum from plain, is a signature high-low look: a chunky outdoorsy top shown with glittery pants.  I could easily walk by them, but they are in my favorite metallic, a beautiful bronze. I particularly love it with the deep blue. Now, where could I wear those pants?  WMM, I am sure you will have an answer for me!
JCrew at Style.com
Now, some favorites from Tory Burch...
I love everything about this.  I know those pants are an unwearable length, but the proportions are fabulous on the model.  Maybe if the print came in a skirt....

The side chain detail on this Tory Burch outfit was also prevalent at Victoria Beckham.  I just noticed that my 2 picks from TB are neutral, and I think that her color schemes are always perfect for a fair skinned blonde- which Tory herself is, and are not quite as appealing for someone with my dark hair and green eyes.

The chain is an embellishment on every thing from dresses to coats at Victoria Beckham.  I love the idea, but I am sure that there is a dangling, jangling, hard to dry clean reality . Did anything catch your eyes from the runway shows? So much to process this week sartorially speaking, from the awesome Norwegian Curling team outfits to NY Fashion week.  Now, if we don't lose power for our next predicted snow day(Thursday) I might be able to catch up!