Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday

Scoopback dress
Kate Spade launched its lower price point line "Saturday" today.  The prices and design sensibility  seem similar to the other "younger sibling" lines- J Crew/ Madewell,  Banana Republic/ Gap,  Williams-Sonoma/ West Elm etc. The new line is a clothing/ accessory/ decor line- with a hint of Anthropologie.  The initial stores opened in Tokyo in March, and the online store for US customers is open now.

Reversible Cape
Perfect Day Shirt in Swiss Dot
Sneaks by PF Flyers in Abstract
Top Handle Small Satchel
I'm less sure about these.
Wide Legged Crop Pants in Stripe
Crisscross Tube Dress in Stripe
In the immortal words of Dorothy Parker- "Wear a short enough dress and the party will come to you."
I was a little surprised that I actually like some of the pieces, and the fabrics seemed nice, although by and large nothing really turned my head. I'm still not sure why Kate Spade ,which seems to be suffering through an identity crisis, ever since Kate Spade sold the company, needs a secondary line.  Some of these items almost seem more sophisticated than the pieces in the regular collection. What do you think-  does anything capture your fancy?


  1. I wondered the same thing about the line when I saw it - it seems more grown up than the grown up line!

    I like a lot of the pieces but those striped cropped pants - they could be SOOOOO awful on certain body types (like, for example, mine...)

  2. Oh WMM, I shudder to think of what they would look like on me! I am fifty -fifty about the line, but that is actually higher odds than I expected when I first saw it.

  3. Wishing a very Blessed and Happy Easter to you and your family, KnitYarns! :)

  4. I adore your all women accessories collection. Really appreciable, the red dress is my favorite. The price are also affordable and I need to collect it.