Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tory Burch NYFW Rtw Fall 2013

Tory Burch  had some eye catching pieces and a traditional, but not stuffy silhouette at her RTW Fall 2013 show at New York Fashion Week.
Tory Burch

I love the background at her show, and the deco references.

These pictures are from Style.com. I love the feminine longer skirts, and I adore the intricate knit and crochet pieces.
Feminine without frippery is one of my favorite aesthetics, and as Dani has shown time and again, nothing is as classy as a dress and coat pairing done well.
Although I don't see myself wearing this lovely, soft, muted print head to toe, I would love it in an accessory or skirt.
Some of the pieces , as runway pieces usually do went  a little overboard in style and cut.
When they trickle into retail shops they have been modified and made wore wearable, which is why my favorite iteration of that print is the one Tory Burch herself wore at the end of her show-
although I do covet the coat too!
What did you think of the Tory show? Anything catch your eye?


  1. Thanks for the lovely mention! I was just gasping at the beauty of that black coat over the cream silk dress when I saw my name in your post!
    Wow this is a very pretty and grown-up collection.
    I'll look forward to seeing these clothes online for the fall!

    1. When ever I see a coat and dress combination- one of my own very favorites- yours is the first name that pops into my head!Grown up is a good word for this collection. Some of the pieces are so elegant and timeless. I am sure they will be adapted for a mass market for fall.

  2. I like the intricacy of the pieces and I agree it is polished and grown up but I am afraid it may be very hard to pull off when one is not very young and tall. Some of it may look very dowdy on an average looking body.

    1. I know that my first thought about the styling of some of the pieces is that it was a little matronly. I have been weighing in my mind whether or not the pieces are intrinsically frumpy, or if it is that I am old enough to make the association of older ladies wearing clothes just like this. When I was in high school, I loved a below the knee skirt. I thought it was elegant and flattering. Granted my waist was teeny tiny back then. I am sure they will be a slightly different iteration in store in the fall. I will be curious how it goes. I think those skirts would be gorgeous with a fitted shell, as opposed to blousy tops.