Monday, September 10, 2012

US Tennis Open, and a Schoolboy Blazer sighting

Andy Murray wins the 2012 Men's US Open

I was  fortunate enough to be asked to accompany a family member to the Men's Final game of the  
US Tennis Open in NY tonight. She had  amazing tickets for box seats-not my usual milieu ! The tennis was fabulous.  The players, Andy Murray of Great Britain and Novak Djokovic of Serbia seemed so evenly matched that the sets went on forever- almost 5 hours!  ( Andy Murray won in the last set, becoming the first British player to win a Grand Slam Tournament since 1936.)
Villa Dress

Tory Burch Romy
I wore my trusty *Villa dress with a brown woven belt, and my go to old Tory Burch Romy flats- worn in anticipation of much walking.
Baby Cable Cardigan

 I also wore a cardigan from Talbots bought on super clearance. ( Mine is blue, although I love the pink!) Good thing too, as it became so cool and windy when the sun disappeared behind the stadium.
Classic Merino Long Cardigan
I popped an extra  Long Merino Cardigan in my handbag before I left the house, and wound up lending it to a member of our group.  I was actually surprised that it was that cool, as it has been extraordinarily warm around here lately, and I never wear wool this early. Merino is so multi seasonal, and takes up no room in a bag.
Kim Sears

I am not much of a people watcher, and I am hopeless at identifying anyone from afar.  I did see some famous people, but mostly when they had been pointed out to me first.  Our seats were wonderful, and we had remarkable views of both the court and the audience.  One pretty girl with gorgeous hair caught my eye, and she seemed so in tune with the action on court. I was certain she had to be related to one of the players, or a girlfriend.  I also admired her jacket.
Schoolboy blazer in Navy

 When I got home, I checked online- and sure enough, Kim Sears, Andy Murray's girlfriend was wearing what appears (to me) to be the J Crew Navy Schoolboy Blazer.
Are you a tennis fan? Do have have the Villa dress? I'd love to hear!
* Yes, I have to admit, I wore the same dress and shoes when I was lucky enough to meet up for Fashion's Night Out with AJC of the amazing blog- AJC Shopping Habit. Do you find you pull out the same things over and over again.  I definitely do that, especially when it is "in between" seasons...


  1. Sounds like fun. And how cool to meet AJC. Yeah, I wear things on repeat. If it works, it works :)

    1. The Open was wonderful,and so was tea with AJC!

  2. That is so awesome to have such great seats! I saw a bit of it on TV last night before I went off to do yoga! I should have waved at you!!!!

    I repeat looks a lot, though i have vowed this fall to really shop my closet and mix and match looks!

    1. I always seem to gravitate towards the same things, especially as seasons are changing. Yoga- good for you!

  3. What fun to be at The Open. I would love to have those seats and your outfit sounds lovely too.

    1. The seats were spectacular. I was a very happy recipient. I don't know if my outfit was lovely, but it was certainly comfortable!

  4. Oh, you lucky dog! I would LOOOOVE to see that match!!! Happy for Andy to win, especially since did not get the Wimbledon.
    That outfit looked great and perfect for the event!

  5. I was happy for Andy too, although I think we were surrounded by Novak fans!I swear I own other outfits. It was just a last minute grab from the closet!

  6. I am beyond envious! I would have loved to see Andy in that match, I'm a big fan. Yes, I have a navy blazer and I going to start pairing it with faded jeans and lots of bracelets. I need some better jeans though, my jeans are not that "cool."

  7. The match was great. I will look forward to seeing your Open inspired outfit- I am sure your jeans are fine!