Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring 2013 J Crew

Lovely colors

 I know that this post is a couple of days late, but a recent visit to the store made me wonder how I could buy now with an eye to the future. I love when I can get multi season wear from my clothes and accessories. It is pretty difficult to think ahead to Spring 2013, but J Crew had their show in NYC and this is the link
Some of my picks are:
Awesome pants
I love the lace detail!
SO pretty
Presumably the retail version will not have quite as large a slit!.  Very Lilly.
Great shoes
I just  don't understand the appeal of a"Mullet" hem, although I love the color.

The silk prints were pretty, but will probably be priced on the same astral plane as the photo prints this season.  I am  somewhat surprised that there are so many shiny metallic pieces. 
What  do you think about the Spring 2013 collection?  Or, Like me, do you just want to look ahead to Fall/Winter, and not even give these clothes more than a passing glimpse? I would love to know...


  1. I don't see anything I like. The silk print looks very flimsy to me as well.
    I have to say I wasn't wild about the Kate Spade show either!
    I guess the best thing I see is the pink print skirt, but as you note that slit is very high. Heaven forbid you should want to sit down, I'm sure it will be lower come retail.
    Thanks for sharing your picks!

    1. Not a covet-able item among them. I found the whole collection to be somewhat unfocused. I am going to look at Kate Spade now!

  2. Thanks for the picks. I've pinned a few links from their site. Those lace detail pants are cute, but I'm sure the lot of this look will be $pendy!

    1. With out question. $pendy. I do like some of the shoes however. I have to think the pricing will be similar to this fall's for these collection pieces. The colors are pretty on my monitor- but who knows how that will translate into real life?

    2. I've always had my eye on those navy pants with the lace detail on the side.
      If you remember on JCA's blog post of the Today show video with Jenna wearing the pants. She was sitting down, too bad she wasn't standing, but she paired it with a stripe top and a jean jacket. Her ensemble looked pretty cool. She can pull it off because she's tall. My 4'11 frame would probably make me look dorky :).

      I immediately checked the pants, since JC is doing pre-orders online and the pants are a collection piece that will sell for $445, I think..?

      Im seeing a lot of nice pieces during this season, better than last year...and that means trouble for me. Hahaha..the shopping will never end.

    3. I think it esier to justify saving for a unique piece that can be the focal point of an outfit, than to endlessly buy the same thing- tees, cardis, toothpicks, over and over again. I think this season promises some stand out pieces!

  3. Well, honestly my eyesight is SOOOO going - when everyone was talking about the banana top, I was seeing big yellow flowers!!

    I didn't mind it, but I really found it felt a lot like the fall rollout, which is probably the point, when the seasons slip into one another...

    1. I know. I certainly did not notice that on my own!