Thursday, July 19, 2012

Early Fall Rollout 2012

Brompton Hobo (BTW the IRL color looks nothing like this- it is a richer green.)
The much anticipated JCrew rollout has arrived online this morning.  I see some definite winners, although I am surprised that some of the more "gasp- worthy" pieces that caught my eye in store are not online yet. (The Chanel style pumps, the gorgeous embroidered lace top, the cobalt crystal jewelry, and the tweed capris are all MIA.) I may try to run over to a store this afternoon.
This is my wishlist from the rollout...

Cashmere polka-dot sweater

                                      The caramel dusk is lovely and I could see wearing this all the time.

Nicky top in herringbone

                                                 The print, a distinct herringbone is unique and versatile.

Zigzag sequin tee

                                               I think this is very striking, and the chevron is very on trend.

Collection lace-trim shift dress

Pencil skirt in abstract floral

 I am a little concerned about 23.5 inches for the length, but I will try it on and see...

I love the Heather Caramel color of the blazer as pictured and since I missed out on the Heather acorn last year, maybe this will be equally pretty IRL.  There is some contrast detail (yay!) under the collar, but I can't make it out clearly in the picture.

Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel 

Café capri in silky dot


  In my defense, polka dots and brown and silk!

Cece Patent Bow Ballet Flats

I like this, but I am not convinced about the cotton and poly mix.  The cut is adorable.

Pepper tweed jacket

Toni Tassel Loafers

Now for the shoes.  As I mentioned earlier, I did not see of the beauties I saw in person on line, but I still found some calling my name...

JCrew,  I LOVE  this.  It has style, grace, fabrication, and a signature print.  But , with all due respect, if I were to spend $695.00 (SERIOUSLY?) It would be for this...
David Yurman  Noblesse ring Praseolite


  1. I am dying over the new arrivals at J Crew. I love all of the polka dots! Big trouble...I'm in big trouble! :o)

  2. That's my logic exactly! Would never pay $700 for an article of clothing - but jewelry??? Of course!!

  3. Could you imagine how much you could buy for $ 700 in a jewelry shop, a shoe store, or even a grocery store for theat matter. SERIOUSLY.